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Mar. 5th, 2017 04:48 pm
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Dear Spacer!

Some of this is taken directly from previous letters because my likes/wants really don't change all that much! Apologies for any repetition.

Aside from my DNWs (which aren't exactly extensive), go ahead and pick and choose through anything/everything below. I'm pretty easy to please so if you want to read the DNWs, skip the rest and write the fic of your heart (or draw the art of your heart!) in whatever fandom we matched on, that's fine by me.

Note: I'm completely happy with any rating ranging from the mildest G right up to the most explicit of explicit (for fic or for art). Also, length of prompts below doesn't indicate that I want one fandom more than another - I just have more words for some and more incoherent squee for others. ;)

Fanart: All my requests are for fic or art, and I should probably make it clear that I'm 100% happy with either! But I'm terrible at giving art-specific prompts (I'm trying to improve!) so really, if we match on art and nothing from the prompts below grabs you then I'm totally fine with just my requested character(s) appearing on the same page.

Kissing is good, sparring/physical activity is good, something reminiscent of a canon scene is good... also happy with something porny or dark. I love contrasting colours, bold lines, little details like jewellery or specific clothes people wore in canon, I like fingers twined together (or in hair), or anything from my list of likes below!


100% DNWs:
  • children/pregnancy (not even vague mentions of pregnancy at all, please, including mpreg and oviposition, and no children as main characters - I'm happy to read a bit about the characters themselves as kids in the past, but I'd prefer everyone involved be adults at the time the fic takes place)
  • D/s lifestyle (casual D/s without minute negotiation, or totally unnegotiated dubcon iffiness, are both A-OK!)
  • humiliation (as a kink or otherwise)
  • scat/watersports
  • A/B/O
  • ageplay/infantilisation
  • any mention of spiders/tarantulas or similar - other creepy-crawlies are fine

Things I'm not fond of:
  • character death, if followed only by someone else's unending woeful angst (death in general is fine)
  • threesomes/moresomes/poly, unless requested
  • pure fluff/curtainfic - happy is wonderful, holding hands while skipping through meadows not so much!


Basically, as long as it's not in my DNWs, absolutely go for it - I mean that 100%. Zombie apocalypse? Really kinky porn? Gore? Random crack? Badfic on purpose? Wacky AUs? All fine! But, if you want ideas about what I like:

General likes:
  • time loops
  • Pacific Rim fusions
  • snarky, sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek humour
  • banter
  • characters getting older; ageing
  • characters knowing each other really well
  • futurefic/post-canon
  • competence, whether physical or intellectual (or both)
  • action scenes; battles; fights (fistfights and with weapons)
  • characters being forced to fight (Hunger Games, Mortal Kombat, that kind of thing)
  • seemingly insignificant details that turn out to be super-important/significant
  • worldbuilding
  • ridiculous crossovers (or indeed sensible ones)

For shipfic (in addition to the above):
  • friends to lovers; enemies to lovers; enemies to friends to lovers
  • characters who know each other really well (or get to know each other really well) and show it without meaning to or really trying to
  • people not saying 'I love you' but clearly meaning/demonstrating it anyway
  • tough characters making themselves realistically vulnerable
  • differences and contrasts in age/height/etc. (especially when the smaller/younger one isn't actually small/young, only in comparison to the other character)
  • one character being physically stronger than the other (especially if the weaker one isn't weak, only weaker in comparison)
  • happy (or at least hopeful) endings
  • getting together
  • first time (first time together, or getting back together after years apart)
  • competence kink
  • loyalty kink; trust kink
  • jealousy/possessiveness/co-dependency/protectiveness
  • admiration (physical and/or intellectual)
  • me-and-you-against-the-world
  • identity porn (roleplaying; undercover; secret identities)
  • characters wearing each other's clothes (fine either way for m/m or f/f, fine for the woman in m/f to wear the man's clothes, but I'd prefer no male crossdressing)
  • fake dating or undercover turning into something more
  • everyone thinks they're dating (but they're not, except maybe then they are)
  • dating but they don't realise (or one of them doesn't but the other does, for cultural/obliviousness reasons)

Explicit/kinky fic:
  • fight sex, or sparring/arguing turning into more
  • rough sex in general, and rough sex that turns slower and/or more intense from one time to the next
  • knifeplay, gunplay, weaponplay in general
  • breathplay/choking (preferably with hands)
  • bloodplay (preferably involving knives)
  • semi-clothed sex; clothed/naked; how awkward clothing (or armour, etc.) is removed
  • sex in showers
  • one character shaving a (male) character's face (preferably with a cutthroat razor but I'll adore anything!)
  • one character writing on another's skin; marking with cuts or bruises
  • stories behind scars/bruises/tattoos (and touching/kissing them, or reopening/reinjuring them)
  • differences in age/height/strength
  • sexual fantasies
  • voice/accent kink; phone sex; sexual situations where one character can only hear the other one (e.g. in total darkness)
  • switching - I have absolutely no strict top/bottom roles in mind (and switching mid-scene is also great)
  • for m/m, first time topping/bottoming/with a guy
  • desperation; characters knowing they shouldn't but not being able to help themselves
  • characters who think they're just having casual sex ending up unexpectedly desperately in love
  • hard, desperate kissing; fingers in hair

Darker fic:
I enjoy darkfic and dark art so as long as it's not in my DNWs, go for it. Torture porn, ghost stories, scary magic, religious weirdness, twisted mindfuckery, non-con, gaslighting, serious body horror, all absolutely A-OK. Feel free to use bad/offensive/dirty language if it fits the fic, as much swearing as you like, etc. I'll read just about anything, including xeno, vore, serial killer AUs, whatever tickles your fancy. Basically: excepting my DNWs, feel free to try to weird me out!

All prompts below are just ideas - absolutely feel free to go in whatever direction you like!

A note on the Alien movies requested below:

I've seen all of the films (including the Predator-related ones), but I haven't played the games and it's been years since I read any of the novelisations or comics, so I'm really hoping for movie canon only, please!

Incidentally, if you're doing Alien-related fic/art for me and you don't know the full series, that's totally fine by me - I'm happy with something set within the specific film, making up backstory or making up future, canon-divergence or whatever you like, I just love this universe.

A big part of what I like about the Alien series is the aesthetic of it - yes, I like HR Giger! the aliens and the utilitarian ships and the dark/light and the isolated, claustrophobic feel of it are great - and I'm big on survival horror and futuristic environments and IN SPACE!! canons in general.

I also love the idea that Alien and Blade Runner are in the same universe, if that's something you might also enjoy. If you want to drag in any sort of Blade Runner-y stuff, from characters to locations to Tyrell, feel free.

Worldbuilding in general is great if you want to go there, too! If you do, any you'd like an idea of my likes for that, my WorldbuildingEx letter is here.

Aliens (1986):

--- Requested Ship/Character: Ellen Ripley/Dwayne Hicks

- Shippy moments during the film?
- Ripley and Hicks both survive: how would/wouldn't that affect Alien 3 or Resurrection? (What would Ripley-and-Hicks clones be like?)
- They both survive: what if they woke up somewhere else, Earth or another colony? (I'd prefer either Newt doesn't survive or ends up with a fantastic foster family, please!)
- How about they stranded on another planet, with or without aliens?
- The Marines hitching a ride on the Nostromo?
- Hicks goes back to the Colonial Marines; Ripley goes with him.
- AU where Ripley's a flight lieutenant instead of on a merchant ship, and meets Hicks on a job?

Aliens (1986):

--- Requested Ship/Character: Ellen Ripley & Lance Bishop

- Bishop isn't as badly damaged at the end of Aliens - what sort of role would he have played in Alien 3?
- Ripley and Bishop make it to the end of Alien 3 together and meet the original Bishop (or canon-divergent after Aliens?)
- Bishop and Ripley after Aliens: say Ripley wakes up (with or without Hicks and Newt), do they manage to get Bishop fixed? Would they stick together?
- Ripley and Bishop: Alien Hunters!

Alien 3 (1992):

--- Requested Ship/Character: Ellen Ripley/Jonathan Clemens

- Clemens lives. Ripley lives. what might happen if they leave Fiorina together? Would they set up on a far-off colony, him as a doctor? Would they attempt to kill off any alien samples Weyland-Yutani got off the planet?
- Ripley 8 meets a Clemens clone. How different would they be to their originals?
- They meet under different circumstances. How? Where? What are they doing? Maybe Ripley's ferrying prisoners to Fiorina. Maybe Ripley walks into Clemens' hospital. Maybe Clemens leaves Fiorina instead of staying and he's one of the colonists in Aliens.
- Something during the film - smutty PWP totally fine if that's where you want to go, or a quiet moment, drinking together, something bittersweet, up to you!

Alien: Resurrection (1997):

--- Requested Ship/Character: Ripley 8/Annalee Call

Mostly, I want to know what happens next!
- Do they land on Earth? Do they stay on Earth? Do they fight aliens on Earth? Is there a sort of Alien Apocalypse, or is it averted?
- Do they leave again and fight aliens in space? Tracking down facilities, saving people along the way...
- Do they make a non-alienish life for themselves, eventually?
- What would a non-alienish life even look like, considering who and what they are?
- Maybe a weird familyish vibe with Johner and Vriess?
- How do they relate to each other? Are they worried about their respective relationships with humanity? Do they embrace their lack thereof? How inhuman is Ripley 8, anyway? In what was is Call maybe more human?
- What would the relationship be like physically (I do have a rather deep love of size difference, and comparisons in general)?
- Are they on the run? From whom? To where? Is it hard for them to hide? Do they even bother hiding?
(if you subscribe to the whole "Alien and Blade Runner are in the same universe" thing, maybe Tyrell is suddenly after then instead of Weyland-Yutani)

Alien: Resurrection (1997):

--- Requested Ship/Character: Christie/Vriess

- Pre-movie with pre-injury Vriess?
- Pre-movie with post-injury Vriess?
- Did they get together before or after? Totally happy to have discussion of how Vriess's injury might've impacted their relationship, or started it.
- Where are they actually from, anyway? What's their backstory? Were they working together before the Betty or did they meet there?
- Canon-divergent AU where Christie lives? Christie's death totally broooooke me in this film!
- Post-film with Vriess looking back? Does he move on, stay with Johner and Call and Ripley, what happens next?

Alien: Resurrection (1997):

--- Requested Ship/Character: Annalee Call

Okay, basically, for this one I'd like all the Call backstory! Happy with Call-centric gen, shippy with OCs (male or female or absolutely whatever), team fic, whatever you like. :D

- Who are the other Autons? Does Call even remember them? Do they keep in touch or keep silent to keep each other safe?
- Where were they created? What was the environment like there? Who were the original synthetics who created them?
- Do any of them ever meet again? Is is by chance? Is it by design? Why?
- How did Call end up deciding to stop the whole Ripley-cloning alien project thing? What else might she have been up to before A:R? What does she do next?
- If you're into the whole shared universe thing, has Call ever run into replicants? How do synthetics/autons and replicants relate?

Prometheus (2012):

--- Requested Ship/Character: David 8/Meredith Vickers

I should probably say I'm 100% fine with you playing this as either one of them (or both of them) considering themselves related to each other, or not! Also happy with Meredith being a synthetic, or not (and knowing it, or not). Antagonism is good, bonding over shared Weyland-annoyance is good, relucantly having to work together is good...

- What might their relationship have been like on Earth before the mission? What about their first meeting?
- It seems like they might have similar feelings about their "father" - bonding somehow over that?
- Canon-divergent fic where they don't leave Earth? Maybe Meredith would need an assistant.
- Canon-divergent fic where Meredith doesn't die (your choice whether anyone else does/doesn't, of course!) - would they have gone back to Earth? Gone after the Engineers' home planet? Been stuck on the planet?
- What is/isn't David capable of? I'm thinking physically, intellectually, emotionally, however you want to take that! ;)

A note on Oblivion:

Please don't think that just because I've requested a ton of Alien stuff above I'm not as interested in Oblivion - I really am!

I love the post-apocalyptic thing this has going on, the oddly ethereal thing the house in the sky has going on (man, that swimming pool...) and then the reality of Earth below.

I love the ship Jack pilots and the landscapes, Jack's house, the clones, and the slow reveal of the plot. And pretty much everything else about it, if I'm honest, up to and including the plot holes (I like to think they're just plot questions waiting for someone to answer them, personally ;) ).

Seriously, I love this film horribly, flaws and all, and I'm pretty much guaranteed to enjoy whatever you might come up with for it! :D

Oblivion (2013):

--- Requested Ship/Character: Jack Harper 52/Jack Harper 49

I know, I know, they're both Tom Cruise. But I can't help it, I like Tom Cruise.

- Set during the movie is fine if you can make that work - random PWP? Canon-divergent AU?
- Set pre-movies, maybe they met while on the Tet before being deployed on Earth?
- Set post-movies, somehow 49 survives and gets to know 52?
- How are they similar? How are they different? How might their experiences on Earth changed them in different ways, physically and mentally?
- Were any differences intentionally introduced into the clones by the Tet? Are they exactly alike?
- Do they remember things from the Real Jack's memory exactly the same way?

Oblivion (2013):

--- Requested Ship/Character: Jack Harper 52/Sykes

- What happens when they meet? I'm assuming Sykes is still prickly and 52 hasn't got much idea what's going on - how on earth would they end up together?
- Anything, literally anything, that has anything to do with their size difference. 52 is so much shorter and slighter than Sykes while still being able to handle himself, and I love that.
- 52 joining the Scavs at their base, Sykes keeping an eye on him, 52 getting involved and proving he's trustworthy...and things develop?
- Does 52 still feel like he's "Jack Harper" or does he decide he needs to live his own (separate, non-Jack) life? Might that make him choose Sykes instead of attempting to make a go of things with Julia?
- PWP totally fine if you're into that - first time, established relationship, "you remind me of someone else", things I like in smut are in the likes above!

Oblivion (2013):

--- Requested Ship/Character: Jack Harper 52/Jack Harper 49/Sykes

- Basically what I said for both ships above, but with added threesome!
- How would this work? Do they get into this weird threesome from the start or do two of them get together then the other's added? Is it a one-time deal or something longer term?
- Can Sykes tell them apart? Would they ever pretend to be each other?

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