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Dear NPT Writer!

Some of this is taken directly from previous letters because my likes/wants really don't change all that much! Apologies for any repetition.

Aside from my DNWs (which aren't exactly extensive), go ahead and pick and choose through anything/everything below. I'm pretty easy to please so if you want to read the DNWs, skip the rest and write the fic of your heart in whatever fandom we matched on, that's totally fine by me.

Note: I'm completely happy with any rating ranging from the mildest G right up to the most explicit of explicit. Also, length of prompts below doesn't indicate that I want one fandom more than another - I just have more words for some and more incoherent squee for others. ;)


100% DNWs:
  • children/pregnancy (not even vague mentions of pregnancy at all, please, including mpreg and oviposition, and no children as main characters - I'm happy to read a bit about the characters themselves as kids in the past, but I'd prefer everyone involved be adults at the time the fic takes place)
  • D/s lifestyle (casual D/s without minute negotiation, or totally unnegotiated dubcon iffiness, are both A-OK!)
  • humiliation (as a kink or otherwise)
  • scat/watersports/emetophilia
  • A/B/O
  • ageplay/infantilisation
  • any mention of spiders/tarantulas or similar - other creepy-crawlies are fine

Things I'm not fond of:
  • character death, if followed only by someone else's unending woeful angst (death in general is fine, feel free to kill whichever characters you like)
  • threesomes/moresomes/poly, unless requested
  • pure fluff/curtainfic - happy is wonderful, holding hands while skipping through meadows not so much! (unless you're going for crackfic, in which case totally fine!)


Basically, as long as it's not in my DNWs, absolutely go for it - I mean that 100%. Zombie apocalypse? Really kinky porn? Gore? Random crack? Badfic on purpose? Wacky AUs? All fine, and more! But, if you want ideas about what I like:

General likes:
  • time loops
  • Pacific Rim fusions
  • snarky, sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek humour
  • banter
  • characters getting older; ageing
  • characters knowing each other really well (whether as friends or enemies)
  • futurefic/post-canon
  • competence, whether physical or intellectual (or both)
  • action scenes; battles; fights (fistfights and with weapons)
  • characters being forced to fight/kill (Hunger Games, Mortal Kombat, that kind of thing)
  • seemingly insignificant details that turn out to be super-important/significant
  • worldbuilding
  • ridiculous crossovers (or indeed sensible ones)

For shipfic (in addition to the above):
  • friends to lovers; enemies to lovers; enemies to friends to lovers
  • characters who know each other really well (or get to know each other really well) and show it without meaning to or really trying to
  • people not saying 'I love you' but clearly meaning/demonstrating it anyway (that's not to say I totally DNW people saying 'I love you', btw - for some characters it works!)
  • tough characters making themselves realistically vulnerable
  • differences and contrasts in age/height/etc. (especially when the smaller/younger one isn't actually small/young, only in comparison to the other character)
  • one character being physically stronger than the other (especially if the weaker one isn't weak, only weaker in comparison); manhandling
  • happy (or at least hopeful) endings
  • getting together
  • first time (first time together, or getting back together after years apart)
  • competence kink
  • loyalty kink; trust kink
  • jealousy/possessiveness/co-dependency/protectiveness
  • admiration (physical and/or intellectual)
  • me-and-you-against-the-world
  • identity porn (roleplaying; undercover; secret identities; amnesia)
  • characters wearing each other's clothes (fine either way for m/m or f/f, fine for the woman in m/f to wear the man's clothes, but I'd prefer no male crossdressing)
  • fake dating or undercover turning into something more
  • everyone thinks they're dating (but they're not, except maybe then they are)
  • dating but they don't realise (or one of them doesn't but the other does, for cultural/obliviousness reasons)

Explicit/kinky fic:
  • fight sex, or sparring/arguing turning into more
  • rough sex in general, and rough sex that turns slower and/or more intense from one time to the next
  • knifeplay, gunplay, weaponplay in general
  • breathplay/choking (preferably with hands)
  • bloodplay (preferably involving knives)
  • semi-clothed sex; clothed/naked; how awkward clothing (or armour, etc.) is removed
  • sex in showers
  • one character shaving a (male) character's face (preferably with a cutthroat razor but I'll adore anything!)
  • one character writing on another's skin; marking with cuts or bruises
  • stories behind scars/bruises/tattoos (and touching/kissing them, or reopening/reinjuring them)
  • characters kinking on differences in age/height/strength
  • sexual fantasies
  • voice/accent kink; phone sex; sexual situations where one character can hear the other one but not see them (e.g. in total darkness)
  • switching - I have absolutely no strict top/bottom roles in mind (and switching mid-scene is also great)
  • for m/m, first time topping/bottoming/with a guy
  • desperation; characters knowing they shouldn't but not being able to help themselves
  • characters who think they're just having casual sex ending up unexpectedly desperately in love, whether they like it or not
  • hard, desperate kissing; fingers in hair

If you fancy writing me a crossover, whether sensible or completely cracky, I'd totally encourage you to go ahead and do it. :D In terms of fandoms: if I've requested it for an exchange (my master list of exchange letters and fandoms I've requested is here) or I've written it (my AO3 page is here, you can safely assume it's fine to write for me!

Darker fic:
I enjoy darkficso as long as it's not in my DNWs, go for it. Torture porn, ghost stories, scary magic, religious weirdness, twisted mindfuckery, non-con, gaslighting, serious body horror, all absolutely A-OK. Feel free to use bad/offensive/dirty language if it fits the fic, as much swearing as you like, etc. I'll read just about anything, including xeno, vore, serial killer AUs, whatever tickles your fancy. Basically: excepting my DNWs, feel free to try to weird me out!

All prompts below are just ideas - absolutely feel free to go in whatever direction you like!

Request-specific info:

Jurassic Park (Movies):

In general: what I love in JP fic is basically dinosaurs (totally go dino-geeky if you like, or have the characters flash back to dino-problems, or...just mention dinosaurs in there somewhere if you feel inclined!), ridiculously competent people and dealing with having survived Jurassic Park! I've seen all the films (and loved them, including Jurassic World) so feel free to set this pre-, mid- or post-canon. I've also read the books, so feel free to make mention of them if you'd like, but I prefer the movies for characterisation.

Now, what I actually requested here was Alan/Ian/Ellie, but as a quick and very optional detail I just thought I should probably say I'm absolutely fine with any amount of Alan/Ellie, Alan/Ian or Ellie/Ian turning up if you match on this - that is, if you prefer to write one of those ships rather than the threesome, go ahead, or have one of those ships get together and then add the the third - though I'd prefer them all to be equally involved with each other in the end rather than it remaining a V if you do go there.

Obviously Alan/Ian/Ellie is 100% great, though (or I wouldn't have requested it!), and if you want to dive right into that then that's absolutely wonderful! I'm all for that! But I'll also give you some info about what I like about the three ships individually (and prompts for them) just in case that's helpful in any way.

What I like about Alan is his gruffness and relatively sort of strong-silent-type feel and the fact that he has a passion for what he does and is very, very knowledgable about it (but he has a heart under there, too!). I tend to prefer him as a fieldwork-loving kind of academic, who's perpetually running off on sabbatical every time he possibly can, runs digs in the summer because that's what he loves, etc.

What I like about Ellie is, well, she's just awesome. She's this stunning woman who clearly has a fantastic mind and she's great at what she does and not afraid to get her hands (literally) dirty. She's tough when it comes down to it and doesn't panic in a pinch, but she's also sort of cheeky and flirty and good-humoured. I'm definitely here for Ellie knowing what she wants and going after it.

What I like about Ian is pretty much everything. He's somehow managed to be a rock star mathematician, which is pretty cool for a start. Then there's his ridiculous image and how he does try to do the right thing, and the fact he's really got to be intelligent and competent and whatnot to be where he is. I like his relationship with Kelly and Sarah (feel free to mention Kelly if you like, I'd just prefer not to get a whole fic of her!). I bet he writes hilariously self-indulgent books (and I bet people love them!).

--- Requested Ship/Character: Alan Grant/Ian Malcolm/Ellie Sattler

Maybe they meet up later, maybe a year later, maybe five years later, maybe more - did they keep in touch in the meantime? Maybe the three of them recalling what happened on the island (or Isla Sorna, considering JP2-3!) leads to something else. Maybe they're called as expert witnesses at the inevitable trial after the events of Jurassic World and it kicks off then, when they're older.

Or! Maybe they meet at a conference, or they find themselves ducking out of the same party, or they have some sort of daft JP survivors mailing list or they send each other postcards or copies of their articles or books to critique or review or whatever. Maybe Ellie and Alan meet at Alan's regular summer dig and Ian comes along and spends the whole time complaining about the dirt. Maybe they end up working for the same university. Or write them into Jurassic World and see what happens!

I'd really like to see Alan and Ian bantering and Ellie getting the upper hand over both of them in all conceivable ways, and/or the three of them finding some sort of comfort in each other. Before or after Ellie's married is absolutely fine, or canon-divergent AU where she doesn't marry - I'd prefer no references to Ellie being pregnant with her kids, or the kids appearing, but don't feel like you have to pretend they don't exist if you go with after her marriage.

---Additional info: Alan Grant/Ellie Sattler: I love these two and it breaks my heart that they're not together by JP3, as much as it also makes sense. Alan probably wouldn't have gone from "I don't like kids" to "let's have so many kids" in the time it took to get off the island, as much as he obviously warmed to two specific kids with Lex and Tim, and Ellie clearly wanted a family.

However, it would be interesting to see how they got together (meeting, first dates, etc.), what their relationship was like before they went to Isla Nublar since we only see glimpses, what it was like immediately afterwards... and if you'd prefer to write it as one of them looking back on their relationship after they've already split up, I'm also fine with that, but I'd definitely like them to be friends by that point.

---Additional info: Alan Grant/Ian Malcolm: I'm in this for the friendly antagonism, whether that turns into some sort of friendship with benefits or if they actually manage a proper relationship from it. I do like the idea of them communicating over the years, whether that's by email (if Alan can get the hang of it without killing his PC!) or by sending each other copies of their books with cryptic notes on the title page, or whatever you feel like. It's also not beyond the bounds of probability that they could end up working at the same university, or that people would keep inviting them to the same events because of Jurassic Park.

---Additional info: Ian Malcolm/Ellie Sattler: Okay, let's face it, these two were likely never going to have a lasting relationship, and I like that about them (but if you can make me believe it, I'm totally happy to go there!). Maybe a brief fling after Ellie's relationship with Alan ends, maybe they meet at a conference, maybe they're unlikely email penpals exchanging flirty letters, maybe she can't talk to Alan immediately after they split up and needs to talk to another adult who got out of the park, who knows!


The first thing I should probably mention is that I don't have a problem at all with this including Nate's alcoholism (functioning or otherwise), at all. You don't have to include it, but please don't feel like you have to shy away from it. And I know I DNW things to do with kids in general, but don't feel like you can't at least mention Sam if you feel like you need to (I would just prefer not to dwell on "what life was like when Sam was alive"). I'd just prefer that Nate not cheat on Maggie.

Same with Eliot's past - I'm absolutely fine with him having done horrible things in the past and with those things appearing in the fic, or having Eliot be conflicted about having done them, or him having to do similar again.

Sterling: I am 100% down with him being a complete stone cold bastard or with him having excellent redeeming features!

Things I love about this canon are the characters, basically, and the witty set-ups - even when I know what's going to happen, the way it plays out is so very, very pleasing. I love the relationships between all the characters, how they're fun even when they're annoying (apart from Chaos, who's sadly just grating to me so I'd appreciate it if he didn't turn up!), and I'm totally up for anyone making an appearance that you might like. I also like all the settings so feel free to have this take place absolutely wherever (including places not in the show).

--- Requested Ship/Character: Nathan Ford/Eliot Spencer

It's probably important to say that I don't hate Nate's canon relationship with Sophie, or indeed Sophie in general, so feel free to include some of that if you like - I'm fine with their relationship never having started, ending amicably, or still going on and whatever happens with Eliot being a major source of angst. I'm likewise fine with Nate/Eliot happening before Sophie and Nate get together. I'd just prefer no Sophie-bashing. And I do enjoy Parker/Hardison/Eliot and other configurations of the three, but I'd prefer that not turn up here.

So! Basically what I like about these two is the idea that Nate knows the worst possible version of Eliot and while maybe he's not completely unperturbed by it, he's not excessively bothered by it. I'd be up for a story of how Nate and Eliot might've met before, where, when, how that might've gone - I'm happy with pretty much anywhere, from Boston to Tokyo to London to absolutely wherever. I'm also cool with canon-divergent AUs where they don't end up as a team and Nate and Eliot get together in a sort of messy way and maybe work things out from there.

Or, something pre-Sophie, or Nate and Sophie not working out post-canon (or a Nate-and-Sophie-didn't-happen AU). Leverage is great for all the undercover, fake dating kind of tropes, or maybe Eliot saving Nate's life in spectacularly violent style and Nate helping him come to terms with that. Or Nate saving Eliot. H/C also great for these two - Eliot's got to be pretty permanently some level of injured from all the fighting and I can't believe for a second that Nate doesn't notice that, for instance!

(Also 100% here for Eliot cooking (and saying things with food), if that's your thing!)

--- Requested Ship/Character: Nathan Ford/Jim Sterling

As with Nate/Eliot above: I like Sophie and I don't mind Nate/Sophie so feel free to write the relationship out, have it going on, have them amicably split, etc. or set it before Nate/Sophie. The same goes for Nate/Maggie; I don't hate Maggie or Nate/Maggie, so do what you want with their relationship if you set it that far back! I'd strongly prefer not Sophie- or Maggie-bashing.

These two, with their antagonism and competitiveness and whatnot are just amazingly amusing to me on-screen. I love their ex-friendship and how Sterling basically took over as the top guy when Nate left the company and how there's still this sense that Sterling wants to get one over Nate because of their former respective positions (or just to prove he can). And Nate always seems so strangely okay with going there!

So, how about...a story about what they were like when they were working together? I'm sure they must've gallivanted about the world. I'm totally happy with either a) something happening while Nate and Maggie were together, for this ship, or b) there being a feeling something might happen if only Nate weren't married and then after the divorce, something does.

Maybe they have to work together after Nate's left - another job for Sterling? Maybe it's to do with his daughter again. Maybe it's while Sterling's still with IYS, or while he's moved to Interpol. A thief from one of Nate's old IYS cases comes up and Sterling wants Nate to help catch them (or Nate decides to "assist" unbidden)? Unfinished business? One saves the other? They end up on the same job, just looking at it from different angles, it goes horribly sideways and decide to work together to get out alive?

Penny Dreadful (TV):

This is such a great show, despite the sort of vaguely unsatisfying ending of it (I'm fine with references to any of it - I've seen the whole thing). It's so atmospheric and manages to cram in so many references to so many stories that I absolutely love, and the costumes and sets and whatnot are just amazing. And it helps that I love the majority of the characters! :D

A quick note: if you happen to want to write anything plotty for this fandom - and I'm 100% not saying OMG YOU MUST because I'll enjoy pretty much anything for Penny Dreadful from drabbles to full-on epics! - I'm totally fine with you bringing in characters or plots from other books, giving people backstory, etc. And adventures in places other than England are absolutely fine by me, too. Again, totally not required, just throwing that out there.

--- Requested Ship/Character: Ethan Chandler/Sir Malcolm Murray

These two. Both tough and both have experience with the supernatural, and they've had personal tragedies and difficulties and they're still standing.

I like that Sir Malcolm's sort of gruff and older and doesn't seem to either trust easily or actually like the majority of people. I like that Ethan sort of does see the best in people, at least sometimes, and is willing to work for Sir Malcolm even when he realises what he's probably going to have to do. I like that they're not afraid to get their hands dirty or do what has to be done. And I like that Sir Malcolm's older than Ethan, and Ethan's taller and broader than Sir Malcolm, and one's basically upper class English and one's sort of who-knows-what-class American and they probably shouldn't get along for a variety of reasons but they end up doing all this stuff together anyway.

Sooo, what do I want from this? Basically, I'm looking for the two of them in the same room at some point, to be honest! I'm happy with it being a straight-up PWP, plotty, antagonistic, something supernatural happens and they have a weird moment together and then there's awkwardness after, they have to do something together (sexual or not) that they don't think they want to and it escalates...maybe they have to do something or go somewhere or find something to save someone else, like they're working together to save Vanessa or whatever.

Basically: sort-of-reluctantly getting together would be great, whether it's just for one night of maybe-regrettable sweaty action or it spins out longer-term! :D

--- Requested Ship/Character: Vanessa Ives/Sir Malcolm Murray

Yep, I'm That Person who wants the pseudo-incestuous m/f ship. And I'd actually prefer it not be played as "oh, they're totally not related, not even notionally, he's just her childhood friend's father, nothing remotely creepy here". I like the creepiness, and the fact that there's a possibility he could actually be her father (though I generally prefer he's not actually her father, or it's left completely ambiguous whether he is or not, and it's just that they're in this sort of oddly surrogate father-daughter relationship but not at the same time - ah, complications!).

I like the age difference here and the possible power imbalance (though, let's face it, most of the time Vanessa's more than capable of taking care of herself). I like that they know each other really well and that they've chosen to stick together. I like that he treats her like an adult, not like a child, even though he obviously knew her growing up. I like that they work well together (so feel free to give them a mystery to solve).

Maybe they've been sort of skirting the issue for years (maybe something happened a while ago and they haven't managed to talk about it), but then something happens and sparks something off between them. Maybe there's some sort of tropey ritual thing that requires sex and they deal with the aftermath, or it's just rumours about how Sir Malcolm is living in a house with a young woman who's not his wife - how do they react to that (apart from Vanessa finding it ridiculous)?

Feel free to go as dark and weird and twisted as you like with this, or give them some sort of happy ending (as far as that's even possible in this fandom!). And I'd sort of prefer it didn't end as grimly as the series did, if at all possible - I like Vanessa when she's resisting what's happening to her, or maybe embracing it of her own volition and going full-on Dark Side knowing what will happen, not like a limp dishrag.

--- Requested Ship: Ethan Chandler/Ferdinand Lyle

Let's just take it as a given that I'm a little bit in love with Ethan and talk about Lyle for a minute!

I love his whole savoir-faire with languages and history and grim stories and knowledge of the occult. I love his rather flamboyant hair and his not-quite-flirting with Ethan. You can just see him poking about libraries and museums and ancient ruins, getting dusty and fascinated. I also love that he's so much shorter than Ethan, and older, and probably knows a trick or two that even Ethan doesn't.

Has he had any adventures of his own to tell Ethan about, maybe in his younger days, maybe just last Thursday? Maybe they go on an adventure together and get into (then subsequently out of) trouble? Would they get out of it via Lyle's knowledge or Ethan's handiness with a firearm?

Or, Lyle and Ethan meet under less grim circumstances, or take time out from what's going on to take a turn in a museum, or have dinner together, or Ethan teaches Lyle to shoot, or they go on a super-secret mission together.

Really, I just want them Doing Things together, whether that's shenanigans or adventures or smut or just flirting together terribly.

Spartacus Series (TV):

What I like about this series is the setting and the scheming and the ludus and the various bizarre senses of loyalty. The costumes and sets are great - I'm also fond of the leather armour and the weaponry and dirt and blood and general awfulness of the ludus juxtaposed with life in the villa (especially when it's looking better after the rain and not so parched). I like the random not-quite-Latin, too. Aaand the fact that it's packed full of random nudity doesn't hurt, of course. ;)

I'm perfectly happy to read about/see any other characters you might want to include, but my favourites are Crixus, Gannicus, Spartacus, Oenomaus, Lucretia and Ilithyia. If you could avoid Ashur as a main character, that would make me very happy, but otherwise have at it.

--- Requested Ship/Character: Crixus/Spartacus

For Spartacus/Crixus, what I'm basically asking for here is gladiatorial hatesex (or some sort of a happier relationship looking back on past hatesex). I'd really enjoy something in season 1 while they're still gladiators, either before or after the fight with Theokoles and Spartacus becoming champion, and I'm not bothered whether it's before Sura's death or after, or whether Crixus is already in love with Naevia or not. If they get into something and feel guilty for "betraying" their partners, I'm totally fine with that. If you want to go with canon divergence and Crixus and Naevia didn't happen, or Spartacus never finds out who killed Sura, also fine!

I'm also 100% okay with this being a "guests of the ludus want to watch iffy goings on and pay to watch Crixus and Spartacus either a) fight, b) have sex, or c) both" thing. If you prefer to set it after season 1 when they're somewhat more cordial toward each other (and I've no objections against that!), some sort of flashback to their rivalry in the ludus would be great! If you want to set it later on in the show, also totally fine, but I have to admit that Spartacus always looks like Andy Whitfield in my head. I'm also happy with past Spartacus/Varro or Crixus/Gannicus, and mentions of their canon relationships, but I'd prefer the attention be on the two of them!

--- Requested Ship/Character: Crixus/Gannicus

For Crixus/Gannicus, I'd love something while they're still both in the ludus, or after Gannicus leaves and Crixus is the champion (maybe he comes to a games? maybe he visits for some reason? maybe he buys time with Crixus in the creepy tradition of other visitors?). Or you could go for them both being in the ludus and instead of Gannicus and Melitta, what Lucretia and Batiatus's guests wanted was Gannicus and Crixus and they have to deal with the aftermath (fighting or sex or both; does anyone else know? is this requested again? do they like it and end up doing it again in the ludus?).

Either something with their rivalry, or Crixus remembering him slightly more fondly after the fact, or...whatever you like, basically. Setting this after they've left the ludus is also fine, but I've rewatched the ludus parts far more than the war parts so I might be a little bit sketchy on the details for later seasons.

Spooks | MI-5:

A note on Lucas: If you matched with me on Lucas, it would be awesome if you could focus on a time before we find out about his real backstory. I'm fine with you mentioning the whole thing in passing, or ignoring it completely (it hasn't come up yet, or going totally AU from S8 so it's not a thing or Vaughn never arrives so it doesn't come up), but I'd strongly prefer you refer to him as Lucas rather than John throughout!

--- Requested Ship/Character: Nicholas Blake/Harry Pearce

I'm equally fine with "Blake is part of the conspiracy" or a canon-divergent AU where Blake didn't actually do anything wrong.

What I like with these two is the two of them believe in their understanding of each other's character - they might do unpleasant things (let's face it, they definitely do unpleasant things!), but there's a sense that they know where they are with each other (until Blake turns out to be something of a traitor). Feel free to handwave away Harry's interest in Ruth and Blake's wife, or have their pre-existing relationships complicate this, or whatever you feel like.

I also like that they're getting on a bit in terms of age (with all that entails physically), and how world-weary they both seem sometimes, but that's not to say I wouldn't be interested in something that aged them down - maybe they met at university, or Blake was a 5 asset at some point! Or, maybe something tropey like they get trapped together, abducted together, a younger Harry is sent to be Blake's protection, or...essentially anything, it pains me that this ship basically doesn't exist!

--- Requested Ship/Character: Oleg Darshavin/Lucas North

I know, I know, what even is this.

Go as dark and twisted and horrible as you like with this. Maybe canon-divergent where Oleg actually gets Lucas to do what he wants. Maybe Lucas breaks Oleg out, either because MI-5 need him for something or because Lucas is veering a little bit Stockholm-Syndromey.

Maybe something set while Lucas was in Russia - totally happy to go with awful torture here, or Lucas looking back on it, or Lucas's thoughts when Oleg turns up again. All levels of consent are totally A-OK as long as Lucas is conflicted about what he feels about the whole thing - I'm really not looking for fluff, unless it's tinged with something slightly sinister.

Oleg swinging by Lucas's flat again would be great (how would Lucas feel about Oleg being in his space?). Oleg needing Lucas's help would be likewise great (whether or not he gives it, whether or not it's sanctioned by MI-5). How would he feel about having to work with Oleg if Harry ordered him to? What about being sent to Russia to organise Oleg's defection, or something like that? Complicated feelings ahoy!

Also: if you want to kill Oleg off at some point, that's fine, but I'm also fine with him living (with or without him ending up a) in prison, b) escaping to plague Lucas again, or c) ending up just as tied to Lucas by what happened as Lucas is to him.

--- Requested Ship/Character: Adam Carter/Lucas North

Okay, I know, they meet for about three seconds in the show. But maybe that's not the first time they met? I mean, they were MI-5 and MI-6, and they both worked overseas, so...maybe they met before Lucas spent his time in a Russian jail (maybe they worked together, met while undercover, one was lent to the other's agency for a job, or knew each other in passing?).

Maybe they have a brief thing between Lucas getting back to the UK and Adam's death (because hey, they're both slightly broken and could do with the company of someone who's not a) too close, or b) in need of MI-5 vetting). Maybe Adam didn't actually die! Maybe they work together. Maybe they die together in the line of duty (or fake their deaths). Maybe they retire together, and the whole subject of "John" never comes up. I'm up for canon-divergent Adam-didn't-die fic where he escaped the bomb and stayed with the team, or Adam turning up again later on and everyone being different levels of surprised, whatever suits.

All the spy (and non-spy) tropes are brilliant for Spooks - undercover as a couple, identity porn, rivals-to-lovers, trapped together, h/c, something-made-them-do-it...feel free to go mad with the tropes!

Note: If you have any inclination to write any amount of Lucas/Tom Quinn, Tom Quinn/Adam Carter or Lucas/Tom Quinn/Adam Carter, instead of/as well as the pairings listed above, absolutely feel free to go ahead and do so! I'm just struggling a bit to write another section for Lucas/Tom or Tom/Adam that doesn't basically just repeat what I've said for Adam/Lucas above, and Lucas/Tom/Adam isn't a canonical tag so I couldn't officially request it for this exchange. Totally optional, and I don't expect this, nor am I saying I want it more than what I've actually requested (I love my requested ships madly!), but I thought I'd mention it just in case it helps my writer at all!

X-Men (Original Timeline Movies):

--- Requested Ship/Character: Logan/Scott Summers

I'm thinking mostly of the original timeline movies here because that's what I have the most prompts for and I enjoyed James Marsden as Scott, but if you have an alternate timeline idea then absolutely feel free to go for that - I enjoy those movies, too. basically, I'm up for pretty much any version of Logan/Scott (including comics or the X-Men cartoon) if the mood strikes you.

In terms of the canon, I love the whole mutation thing in general, and I love the strangely not-quite-contemporary tech, and the fact that Logan's basically this holdout from a past age who likes to get into fights and pretty much doesn't give a damn what people think of him (and is gruff and non-communicative compared to Scott being oh-so-very modern). I like Scott having a strong sense of duty and responsibility and being slightly preppy but with a very nearly closet-rebel edge to him. I prefer no or very little crossover with the MCU here, if possible (though obviously mentioning MCU characters' existence is fine, I just prefer they not be main characters).

I love that these two are so competitive with each other, so irritated by each other, so different from each other, and yet they do have common ground between them that's not just Jean. I like that they're both tenacious and strong and willing to do what's right (even if Logan might need a bit of persuasion now and then), and that they're apparently able to work together despite that. But mostly I like the antagonism and how that could so easily spill over into something else! Especially considering Logan's claws and his healing factor. I'm also a fan of their leather uniforms, if that's remotely helpful!

If you're down with hatesex (or something that just starts out that way), I'm totally happy to read that. If you're interested in a kind of grudging he's-the-only-one-who-understands thing after Jean's death, totally happy with that, too, and with them (accidentally or entirely knowingly) developing a relationship once Jean is dead or with canon divergence where Scott and Jean have split up pre-X1. I'm 100% fine with a PWP if you want to go that way (but smut totally isn't necessary if it's not your thing). I like the idea of sparring ending up in something else (be that sex or just the notion that maybe they're attracted to each other, or maybe they're aroused by it against their better judgement?).

I like the idea of them working together, just the two of them, and either something like fighting ending up in post-mission sex, or the mission going awry and them ending up stuck together, or h/c (fine with Scott being the hurt party, of course, but if you can finagle it so Logan's actually hurt for more than a couple of minutes then feel free to go for that, too!). A day in the life of Scott and Logan at the school would also work, or go totally tropey if you like - time loops, or sex pollen/fuck or die, or bodyswap, or undercover as a couple, everyone thinks they're dating, that kind of thing, always works for me.

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